prayers for Newton, Connecticut, for the families, friends, and loved ones

we create enough pain and emotional distress on ourselves, in our lives with the pressures we feel and put on are own shoulders carrying the feeling like you are trying to carry the weight of the world on your two shoulders, each day with general day to day stress in our lives, everyone has experienced there own kind of deep pain, and at one point has felt that deep pain that feels never ending, l

ike your world and life has shattered, the ground disappears from your feet and you feel like you just keep falling and cannot seem to pick yourself up, when u feel like your world has fallen apart at the seams.. and like a mirror has shattered in silvers across the barren lost and now empty floor of your pained heart.. how could anyone hurt, wound, or take a life and silence a beating heart made from god’s love , how could someone violently put any human being and there families and friends, intentionally through that kind of pain by taking a loved ones life through violence. to commit a act of violence against a human with a beating heart full of life and with so much life left to be lived and experienced, heinously put someone through that type of pain is unthinkable to me… never mind just how can anyone hurt or put down someone and make them feel small and insignificant on this vast earth alone.. but to silence a beating heart.. and throw them into a world of pain they must feel they will never awaken from.. or feel that there life will ever be the same again after loosing someone you love to a act of violence is beyond my imagination, to take away someones life and exact pain on their families and friends and leave a them lost in darkness and grief i just do not understand how anyone can act out in violence against someone. like everyone in this saddened world at this dark hour, we’ve all felt pain earth shattering pains we’ve all taken bumps and bruises along our paths in life.. we’ve put ourselves through pain and learned from mistakes, i could or never would wish pain on anyone , hurt or even want to be the reason someone cries in the middle of the night.. and cries into there pillows as tears stream down there eyes into puddles that seem like there tears will not end and will fill a river in there deep pain, I ask god to forgive me of any sins i have committed during these dark hours , if i have ever hurt someone unintentionally i apologize deeply from my heart, i didnt and wouldnt want to cause anyone pain in there life.. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone and the families in newton ct. my candles will be lit tonight as i send prayers out in my now deep sad thoughts because something like this can again occur again in this day and age of our world… please god wrap your arms around these families and friends carry them in there time of need, try to put the pieces of there shattered hearts together and let them no there not alone, and we all have them in our hearts and prayers..  Darcy Wark 

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